Mubarak Gone. Who's next Nunavut?

Mubarak left a moment ago.

I've never been more proud of our species on this planet!

But this is not about Egypt folks, nor even the Middle East.

The implications for world politics and ordinary people everywhere are historic.

A century from now, the Cairo uprisings will be ranked in history along with Magna Carta, the French Revolution and the 1960's so-called 'hippie' revolution. It is a progression. The usual power brokers have been flabbergast for 17 days. All they can do is repeatedly stammer "the situation is fluid."

The word 'fluid', in this instance, meant "we can't control this."

Egyptians, you are magnificent. You have shown the world what can happen when ordinary people wake up.

Bankers beware! Insurance beware! Stephen Harper and GN beware?

In time, a global version of Cairo will awake to the oppressive impact of the petro-pharma-banking lobbies on human life and root them out as well.

Humanity is awakening. Cairo is a sunrise. While there will undoubtedly be some copy-cat political actions around the world in various individual countries, the next big threshold will be the unveiling of world banking and the role of compound interest at the heart of almost all the world's other problems.

Television reporters usually try to appear so objective. Today, several actually cried on air. They couldn't help it.

In their gut, in our gut, we deeply sense the Mubarak issue was way bigger than Egypt.

A funk of depression had settled on humanity the last two years due largely to Barack Obama's pathetic wussing-out in the face of the wealthiest liars and vested interests.

Today, that tension exploded. The relief is enormous, a glimmer of hope, real hope for which the global leadership class cannot claim an iota of credit.

None of them.

What's next? Environmental and economic sanity, anyone?

Can't wait for Fidel next blog from Cuba.



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