Occupy Wall Street vs. Christine Lagarde and the Tea Party

What a remarkable week.

Municipal authorities all over North America directed their police forces against local instances of 'Occupy Wall Street' with nary a peep from the mainstream.

Of all places and peoples, you would think this continent and society, cradle of 1960s revolutions, would be among the first to realize that 'Occupy' is no adolescent prank. This is serious stuff folks and authorities who fail to recognize 'Occupy' as a legitimate sibling to the 'Arab Spring', risk sharing the legacies of Richard Nixon and Julius Hoffman.

Perhaps these denizens of denial have been seduced by the bought-and-paid-for narrative emanating from our mainstream media with their comforting saw about the movement's purported lack of cohesion.

Where is the zippy catchphrase? Where is the mobilizing slogan? Surely such a disparate hoard of vagrants and dilettantes could not possibly muster into an organized threat?

Ha! “Here come dah Judge!”

Evicted from mushrooming city-centre encampments, they will be herded into the Courts where the slander of "inarticulate clowns" will dissemble, leaving a constitutional earthquake in its place.

The monumental lie known as “servicing the debt” will be revealed for the scandal it veils. A new parable is about to emerge. Across four continents, but especially in Euro-America, torrents of us will line-up in the lobbies of our neighbourhood banks, not City Hall.

The truth will suddenly dawn across the planet that all these years of “servicing the debt” have had nothing to do with repaying the capital borrowed, nor even with paying simple interest as a fee for carrying that debt. Rather, servicing the debt consists of nothing less than the statutory and exponential rape of personal and sovereign ownership through the subterfuge of Compound Interest.

As the vast majority of humanity awakens to the fact they pay up to 300% of the value of their homes before ownership is transferred into their name, they will demand to know where the additional 200% has gone. Along with Greeks and Germans they will realize that of the billions upon billions of additional taxpayer money misrepresented as bailout, not one cent will go to repaying original debt, but rather entirely to the 200% + in still compounding interest charges.

The final straw will come when those aforementioned Court proceedings, backed by the gun-toting police we ourselves have funded, show the whole process of compounding interest has always been designed to transfer ownership into the hands of a few chartered lenders and their derivative industries of speculative investment and pseudo-insurance.

When this entire financial crisis finally focuses public attention on the transfer of ownership that occurs when borrowers default on compound interest, the 'occupy' movement will morph into a 'withdraw your deposits in protest' movement that will bring the entire global banking system and its political pawns to their knees within days.

Occupiers, leave your tents by your tens of thousands, walk quietly to your nearest bank branch, form unending cues simultaneously at all the teller windows, and simply withdraw all your deposits immediately and in cash.

That is your secret weapon. That is what terrifies them.

The ultimate risk in this global financial crisis is that we might finally foreclose on them!

The IMF (International Monetary Fund ), World Bank and BIS (Bank of International Settlements) would collapse within days. Global financial reform would follow within mere weeks.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

PS: If a layman like me saw this coming so long ago, and again more recently, where the hell are the professional financial press?

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