I'm fascinated by the traction the latest RIM rumour received until they denied it. That they were about to split into separate handset and 'software' businesses.
My immediate reaction was "Yes! Spin BB Messenger off into a cross-platform, OS-independent global IM service because nothing comes close yet."
So be schizophrenic! Why deny it?

I realize they would want to delay further deterioration in their smart phone business, but it's idiotic not to plan for such a possibility.
As if to compound the idiocy, they block BBM from the Play Book as a stand-alone app over Wi-Fi?
For gosh sakes, RIM, take the plunge now or risk a terrific Canadian success story dying altogether.

And if further incentive were needed, Billy Gates has bought Skype!


What do you suppose spinning Skype IM off from the phone service might be? Yep, the aforementioned cross-platform, OS-independent global IM service.

Sheez RIM, Wake Up!

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