Muslim Theologians - get off the fence!

The First Commandment, properly understood, does not prohibit images of the Divine, it prohibits thinking any image is even capable of depicting the divine in the first place!

The carnage at Charlie Hebdo was a skirmish in this contemporary fight to the death over fundamentalist Islam's distortion of the meaning of idolatry.

Whether through an excess of caution, misguided political correctness, intellectual laziness, or outright cowardice, theologians in all three Abrahamic traditions have become silent collaborators at the moral epicenter of this heresy.

Until trusted devout Muslims challenge this profound distortion in the definition of idolatry, the carnage will continue and it will provoke a backlash against Islam that will define the remainder of this century as shamefully as its antisemitic counterpart defined the last.

Honour in this war will go to those with the courage to expose this idolatry at the root of the Charlie Hebdo massacre.  The heroic martyrs at Charlie Hebdo should have 'Nouveau Resistant' engraved on their 21st Century tombs.

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